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We hope that the following links might be helpful to you in looking for prints and further information.


Print Quarterly  The journal for the serious print collector. Small website with subscription details etc.

British Museum Print Room  Enormous collection of prints. Website details current exhibitions etc.

Victoria & Albert Museum  Again, print room with vast collection.

Paul Mellon Centre   is a huge source of information on British art. Also has published a number of books on prints.

A Catalogue of 18th-Century British Mezzotint Satires in North American Collections. Wonderful source of information on British mezzotints, with many images downloadable.

London Print Dealers   This invaluable site lists about twenty London print shops and dealers

ABE Books  The best place to start if searching for out of print books

PBFA Largest UK book fair organisers, often some prints, now with own UK book search facility. (We are MEMBERS of the PBFA.)

Antique Collector’s Club  Major publisher of books, including many on art subjects. We have never understood why this publisher is called a ‘Club’ when essentially it a is a publishing house, but no matter, they certainly do the business

Antiques Trade Gazette The UK source of information on auctions. Weekly newspaper, also large website

Hudson’s Historic House’s & Gardens (in the UK)  Excellent printed guide and website with links to many country house etc sites. Details of annual Guide on website


Dealers  As well, we thought it might be helpful to list a few UK print dealers’ sites! Curiously, if you type ‘antique prints’ into Google, most of these long established print dealer sites do not even appear in the top fifty!!

  • Please note that this is an eclectic collection, in alphabetical order.
  • Also, we have no financial or business connection with any of these other businesses whatsoever.

If you enjoy browsing these sites, we do hope that you will still return to us!!

www.grosvenorprints.com  Large stock, in the heart of London in Covent Garden.

www.heatons-of-tisbury.co.uk  A good selection of prints and maps, in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside. Also next door to the famous Fonthill Estate of William Beckford fame, so you can combine more than one interest

www.sandersofoxford.com  Shop in Oxford, large stock.

www.sotherans.co.uk  One of the oldest book and print shops in the UK, central London based.



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